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About Us

Hemp, an ancestral plant

Weasy Laboratories have carefully selected the highest CBD-rich European industrial hemp genetics, in order to meet your expectations in terms of product quality.

In order to get the best from hemp, our farmers grow it organically, using controlled and reasoned agriculture, free from fertilizers or pesticides. Planted in sunny and healthy lands, such as Spain, Portugal or Italy, our hemp delivers the best of the strengths and flavors that the earth has placed at our disposal.

Organic farming

Hemp has been a plant that has been domesticated by humans for thousands of years: Weasy aims to enhance this plant, while respecting its environment but also those who live in it.

We have a common passion with our agricultural partners: the land. In this sense, our farmers are committed to cultivating only organic hemp, on soils applying controlled and reasoned agriculture, without traces of pesticides, fertilizers or heavy metals.
Our other natural ingredients, such as our vegetable oils or butters, are also products from organic farming. Together, let’s enjoy the benefits of the earth while preserving it

A complete cbd extract

All the products offered by Weasy Laboratories use a hemp extract rich in CBD, in full spectrum: it contains all the cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBN …), terpenes and flavonoids from hemp. Together, these active ingredients strengthen the action of CBD, and also offer benefits recognized since the dawn of time, via essential oils (concentrates of terpenes).

The CBD-rich hemp extract from Weasy Laboratories is said to be “WHOLE PLANT EXTRACT”: its content is richer than distilled hemp extracts, so it allows a more intense and longer action, taking advantage of the multiple molecules of hemp. By respecting a low temperature extraction process, our products contain more natural active ingredients and fewer degraded elements

Our laboratories

A recognized method

A recognized method

We have chosen to use the Supercritical CO2 method and green ethanol to proceed with our extraction of CBD, certified “Foodgrade”. This method is the most recognized today in the extraction and design of organic essential oils, to preserve all the active ingredients and plant components.

A so-called cold decarboxylation

A so-called cold decarboxylation

All of the CBD products available today are products containing a so-called distilled CBD extract: during its extraction process, it has undergone temperature increases of up to 160 ° C. Upon contact with this heat, many of the components of the CBD-rich hemp extract are destroyed or worse, altered: they become unknown ingredients, which can be harmful.

Products certified without trace of thc

Products certified without trace of thc

In order to guarantee you a legal product throughout Europe, our extraction process has as a final step the extraction of THC.
By using the highest chromatography technology dedicated to cannabis, we ensure a complete separation of THC residues, (a compound naturally present in small quantities in hemp considered to be psychotropic, and therefore illegal). Thus, all WEASY laboratory products are certified without traces of THC: each of them has a chromatographic analysis carried out in an independent laboratory.

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