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choisir e liquide CBD

How to choose your CBD e-liquid ?

Products whose origin, method of production and dosage are unknown are those that can be potentially dangerous to consume. In order to enable you to select a suitable and safe e-liquid, here is the useful information to be able to choose e-liquids at the CBD.

What is the CBD?

Belonging to the family of cannabinoids, CBD is a compound of hemp. The best known are CBD and THC which exist about 140 of them. Be aware that THC has psychotropic properties that are not unknown to recreational cannabis users. However, CBD does not have psychotropic properties, meaning that you will not be subject to a change in consciousness.

There is a whole group of nervous systems in our body that work with cannabinoids: the endo-cannabinoid system. Their role is to regulate the functions of the human body (temperature, acidity, etc.). In addition, our body produces endo-cannabinoids that have the same properties as CBD.

The CBD in itself does not alter your lucidity: it does not alter your consciousness or your perception of things. Due to the absence of the psychotropic effect considered dangerous conferred by THC, CBD is totally legal in the UK. It is the subject of several studies around the world and its effectiveness is no longer to be proven. It can be used very safely.

Different forms of using CBD exist. They are edible oils, capsules, creams, and of course e-liquids.

Which are the e-liquids containing CBD?

Several shops already sell the CBD, and it is also available as an e-liquid on many specialised websites.

There are different dosages for this product. It is available in dosages from 100 mg up to 2000 mg. But the quantification of the e-liquid form is only 10 ml.

It is also found in the form of a booster, which will allow you to add it to an e-liquid of your choice. For the same purpose, you can also find it in its isolated form called: CBD crystal.

What is the composition of a CBD e-liquid?

CBD e-liquids are mostly composed of a proportion of 80/20 or 70/30 PV/VG.

They also offer terpenes or artificial flavours simultaneously. They are known for their benefits and have a particular smell and taste.

The dosage of CBD in your e-liquid will depend on its concentration: from 100 to 2000 mg per vial. It is not possible to quantify the amount of CBD you inhale in a puff of vapour: they are all different.

CBD Weasy e-liquids are available in 100, 300 and 500mg versions of CBD.

What dosage of CBD should I choose?

As far as the dosage is concerned, it is advisable to start gradually. To benefit from it yes, but without excessive use. Begin with a small quantity. You can start for example with an e-liquid of 100mg, go to 300mg and so on. Finally, the dosage will be done according to your specific or physical needs, which depend only on you and your feelings.

On a daily basis, the e-liquid at the CBD that is usually advised to use is the 300 mg. For economic reasons, you have the possibility to start with a small quantity. But later you can add BOOSTER or CRYSTAL of CBD. You can find all WEASY e-liquids here.

How to choose your CBD e-liquid?

To select the perfect product, focus on your needs: what daily dosage? Why to use it?

Then choose the brands that display the most information about their origins: origin of the hemp, type of CBD, flavours used, etc…

How do I use an e-liquid at the CBD?

You can use your usual e-cigarette to use CBD e-cash. To have a vape with good sensations (soft, pleasant and comfortable) we recommend resistances between 0.6 and 1 ohm. This way, you will be able to vaporize in better conditions.

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