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How to use CBD?

There are now many ways to use products containing CBD (Cannabidiol). Among them, creams, oils, capsules or e-liquids: which administration method to choose, how to consume CBD? For this, it is important to understand what the effects of the different types of products are, and precisely define your needs.

What are the different modes of administration of CBD?

CBD e-liquid

Cannabidiol e-liquids combine propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin with a whole or crystal CBD extract. Thus, you can vaporize Cannabidiol directly from your habitual electronic cigarette. Cannabidiol e-liquids are generally used in the same way as a normal e-liquid: vaporize when you feel the need.

The use of CBD e-liquids is common among smokers and vaporisers because it reduces the need for nicotine and makes you feel more relaxed. Its effect is one of the fastest: CBD is quickly absorbed by the alveoli of the lung to reach the bloodstream faster. On the other hand, its action is rather short, but intense, and its intake of Cannabidiol is hard to quantify.

Cannabidiol oil

CBD oil is composed of a hemp extract rich in Cannabidiol, combined with a plant-based oil, preferably organic. This association makes it possible to reinforce the assimilation of the CBD thanks to a fatty substance, but also to supplement its nutritive contribution. To use it, very simple: just put a few drops according to the desired dosage under your tongue, then swallow after a few seconds.

Its use is the most common among the different products containing Cannabidiol, because of its convenience and the precise dosage of Cannabidiol. It is also one of the most effective in terms of assimilation through the mucous membranes under the tongue. The effect of the Cannabidiol oil is the most appreciated of all: 10 to 20 minutes after its absorption, the Cannabidiol is already present in the blood and its effect is moderately long.


How to use CBD?

CBD Capsule

The CBD capsules combine a fatty agent such as a vegetal oil or butter with a hemp extract rich in CBD. As with oils, this fat allows better assimilation of Cannabidiol. Simply consume the desired number of capsules during a meal with a large glass of water. Each capsule contains a precise number of milligrams in terms of Cannabidiol  to be able to precisely dose your intake. The capsules avoid the taste of the CBD oil for example and are easy to transport.

Capsules have one of the longest lasting effects: when taken orally, they pass through the digestive system, which is much slower and degrades its availability even more. On the other hand, it is the most practical way of diffusing the effects of Cannabidiol  into the body thanks to its digestive pathway. Its action is one of the longest over time.

CBD cream

CBD creams are composed of a hemp extract rich in Cannabidiol  combined with several other generally natural active ingredients, such as essential oils or vegetable butters. The preparation containing Cannabidiol is applied directly to the skin, either on localized and defined areas or all over the epidermis, depending on the needs.

The local action of Cannabidiol is very fast and effective but is only suitable for those who need the action of CBD on the skin.

How to use CBD

The “Intenses” 30 mg capsules allow you to provide your body with a large dose of high-quality CBD, added to organic cocoa butter.

They are also perfect for those who cannot stand the taste of Cannabidiol oils: simply swallow them, according to your daily CBD requirement, without taste or smell.

Define your CBD needs to choose the right product

To be able to select the best product for your needs and understand how to use it, you must first define why you are looking to use Cannabidiol  :

  • For a quick and short effect? To replace your need of nicotine or to reduce your cigarette consumption? Then turn to e-liquids, which seem to be the most suitable.
  • For quick relief, that can last a long time, and without the need of vaporizing? CBD oils perfectly meet this need.
  • For an intense effect throughout the day: Cannabidiol  capsules are the perfect solution.
  • For a localised action on the skin: aim for the Cannabidiol creams.

How to take and find the right dosage of CBD?

To be able to find your need in Cannabidiol  , you have to start with low intakes:

  • E-liquid of Cannabidiol: start with an e-liquid of medium capacity such as 200 or 300 mg of Cannabidiol  for 10ml. Use your e-liquid when you feel the need.
  • CBD oil: start with a one-drop intake, three times a day, then increase by one drop depending on how you feel.
  • Capsule of Cannabidiol: consume one capsule, three times a day (morning, noon, and evening). If necessary, add one capsule per day, step by step.
  • CBD cream: use a small amount of cream on the affected area, once in the morning and once in the evening for several days. If necessary, increase the applications during the day to reinforce the action of CBD. To find out how to choose your Cannabidiol  e-liquid, click here.

Order CBD online?

There are many sites and shops that offer Cannabidiol. To select a successful brand offering high quality CBD, choose WEASY Laboratories:

  • The hemp extract used contains all the natural components of hemp: cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.
  • Production is controlled and analysed to ensure a regular and healthy content.
  • The products are perfectly legal in the UK as they contain no trace of THC.
  • The customer service department will advise and guide you according to your needs.


How to use CBD?

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