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Cannabidiol E-liquid: composition

Our CBD Weasy e-liquids are made of 70% propylene glycol, and 30% vegetable glycerin, to ensure you a quality product, delivering all the aromas present inside our e-liquids.

Choose your Cannabidiol e-liquid

We offer different dosages for our e-liquids CBD Weasy. Each dosage offers a different level, which will depend totally on your needs.

  • 100 mg CBD: for a low CBD intake
  • 300 mg of CBD: for an average intake of CBD, suitable for many
  • 500 mg of CBD: for a high intake of CBD

Cannabidiol E-liquid: use

To use our e-liquids at CBD WEASY, simply use your electronic cigarette, and deposit the contents of our products there like any other e-liquid.

What is CBD?

CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of the 144 cananbinoïds found in hemp genetics. It does not have an altering consciousness effect, unlike its cousin THC. With the advance of technology, hemp growers can now isolate CBD and offer it in different forms, such as CBD e-liquids.

Is CBD e-liquid legal in England?

Yes, Cannabidiol is legal in England. As long as it comes from natural European hemp, and contains no traces of THC, it is available in several ways, as you can find in our shop.

How to use CBD's e-liquid?

To use CBD as an e-liquid is very simple: take a few puffs when you need it, and let its natural action relax and soothe you. If you want more effects, do not hesitate to use a slightly higher dosage.


CBD is totally opposed to THC insofar as it does not offer a psychotropic effect. THC is known for its effects and causes a feeling of euphoria and altered consciousness. On the other hand, CBD does not change our perception and vision of things in any way.