Capsule CBD Night 20mg

Discover 20 mg “Caps” of high quality Cannabidiol combined with Organic Cocoa Butter, to benefit from all nature’s forces.


In order to benefit from all the forces of natural hemp, WEASY Laboratories exclusively extracts their CBD from Organic Hemp grown in a completely natural way: there are no traces of pesticides, heavy metals or other chemicals.  The Capsule CBD Night are a healthy, organic product that respects our nature and your body.

Our Cannabidiol extract is obtained by using Supercritical CO2: this is the purest and safest way to extract the active ingredients from the plants.

Our high-quality CBD full spectrum extract used by our laboratories is composed of all the active and beneficial components of hemp: cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. Associated with the CBD, they reinforce its action, and complements it due to their own benefits recognized in medicines through decades.

By combining Cannabidiol and organic cocoa butter, the capsules of CBD “Night” are more easily assimilated by your body, the CBD is diffused longer and more deeply. In addition, the organic cocoa butter also provides its own set of very valuable nutritional elements which your body will benefit from.

Their use are very simple: each CBD Night capsule contains 20 mg of CBD. Start by taking one capsule in each morning, noon and evening. Then, according to the feelings and effects you experience, you may increase or decrease your daily intake.

CBD “Night” capsules manufactured by our Laboratories Are, naturally, legal in the UK and in Europe: they contain no traces of THC.

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