Capsule CBD Relax 10mg

With CBD Relax capsules, discover CBD associated with cocoa butter


In order to start using CBD and to meet your daily needs, the Capsule CBD Relax 200mg from WEASY Laboratories are the perfect compromise: a combination of organic cocoa butter and high quality CBD extract, in a ready-to-use vegetal capsule.

To guarantee a healthy and pure product, the Organic hemp used to extract the CBD is grown in a completely natural way, free of any pesticides, chemicals or heavy metals.

By combining CBD and organic cocoa butter, the Capsule CBD Relax complete the action of CBD. In fact, the organic cocoa butter allows you a better absorption of Cannabidiol, as well as offering very valuable nutritional benefits. It is therefore spread in a better way throughout your body.

The capsule of CBD “Relax” is exclusively composed, as all the products issued from our laboratory, of a full spectrum CBD extract: it consists of all the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids found in european hemp plants. All together, the action of CBD is reinforced, while the different components of hemp also provide its benefits which have been widely used for centuries throughout the world.

In order to easily use CBD, and without having to put up with the taste of vegetable oil, CBD capsules are ideal: you can carry them with you wherever you go. Naturally, weasy capsules “Relax” are totally legal: they do not contain any trace of THC, and free to use in the UK & Europe.

They are very simple to use: each capsule contains 10 mg of CBD. Start by taking one in the morning, noon and evening. According to the effects you experience, you may increase or decrease your daily intake. If you require a higher intake, the CBD Intense capsules contain 30 mg of CBD would rather suits you.

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