The CBD SPORT oil is a perfect blend of the finest vegetable oils and high-quality CBD.


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The CBD Sport WORKOUT oil is an oil specifically designed for athletes and those with significant nutritional needs: it combines high-quality CBD with 4 vegetable oils and an essential oil to enhance the action of Cannabidiol and also provide essential contributions to the proper functioning of our body.

The hemp extract rich in CBD found in WEASY products is derived from organically grown European hemp, with no traces of pesticides, heavy metals, or chemical fertilizers. By preserving all the properties of hemp such as terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids, WEASY CBD is enhanced in its action and much more effective.

The CBD WORKOUT Sport oil perfectly combines several other active natural ingredients with CBD:

  1. Organic hemp seed oil: very rich in Omega 3 and 6 (from 20 to 60%), it also contains a large number of essential saturated fatty acids necessary for the proper functioning of the human body
  2. Organic avocado oil: the preferred vegetable oil for runners, thanks to its content of vitamin F and oleic acid
  3. Organic coconut oil: with its incredible level of saturated fatty acids (87%) and triglycerides, it is ideal for both professional and amateur athletes
  4. Organic Brazil nut oil: the vegetable oil with the highest natural content of selenium and magnesium
  5. Turmeric essential oil: turmeric is the most widely used natural anti-inflammatory worldwide

To enjoy the benefits of CBD while savoring a delicious moment, we have added a delightful natural flavor of red fruits.
With no trace of THC, it is entirely legal in France and Europe, making it suitable for both professional and amateur athletes, without the risk of issues in anti-doping tests: the World Anti-Doping Agency has authorized the use of CBD since January 2018.

To use it, it’s very simple: shake your bottle well, and place 1 ml under your tongue in the morning and after your workout. Wait for several seconds, then swallow. Depending on your needs, you can use up to 4 doses of 1 ml per day. To facilitate measurement, the dropper is graduated with 1 ml.

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