Meladream – Sleep

Regain a healthy and deep sleep, naturally: the perfect combination of CBD and melatonin.


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The Meladream – CBD Sleep from WEASY laboratories is the product that will help you regain peaceful nights.

WEASY laboratories offer a combination of melatonin and healthy, natural CBD, specifically designed to help you achieve peaceful nights by promoting your sleep onset phase. For this purpose, our laboratories have selected the finest hemp sourced from European agriculture. Cultivated without the addition of any chemicals, pesticides, or heavy metals, this hemp is carefully harvested and sorted to extract the best possible quality.

After gathering this high-quality hemp, the CBD is extracted using Supercritical CO2 extraction: the healthiest and most natural method to extract all the benefits of this plant.

Its exceptional soothing properties help restore calm and serenity by alleviating all kinds of stress and allowing the body to relax to promote sleep. In essence, cannabidiol improves the sleep onset phase by promoting relaxation and muscle relaxation, and by reducing stress and chronic pain. When combined with melatonin, it becomes the perfect product for better sleep.

Indeed, many factors lead to a daily burden of stress and anxiety: work, transportation, screen time, etc. That’s why MELADREAM CBD oil has been carefully designed to help you regain the necessary well-being and inner calm. As a result, your nights will be more peaceful, and your days more enjoyable!

WEASY recommends taking 0.2ml of Meladream – Sleep once, 15 minutes before going to bed. Do not exceed the recommended dose on the label! A high-quality oil, our laboratories combine CBD with Melatonin for an optimal and natural formula, ideal for restoring regular and truly restful sleep.

It’s worth noting that this product is, of course, legal in France: it contains no trace of THC. To verify its content, you can download the chromatographic analyses for each product, available upon request.

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