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Skin problems

More and more considered and studied for its beneficial action on the skin, CBD (Cannabidiol) is now recognized as a healthy and natural molecule that has become a must-have in cosmetic products that do not use chemical ingredients. Thanks to its relaxing and regenerating properties, CBD appears to become the natural solution to care for our skin. CBD & skin problems.

Skin problems

Nowadays, our skin is subject to many aggressions because of various external factors, but also because of the products we consume in everyday life. by using various creams intended to relieve the skin, but made up with chemicals and/or non-natural products, the skin tends to become less and less resistant. Various internal factors can also lead to skin problems, such as stress or anxiety for example, which tend to reinforce eczema or psoriasis.The anti-inflammatory action of CBD on your skin problems

As mentioned above, CBD is now widely studied for its action on the skin. Several benefits can be listed, mainly due to the anti-inflammatory effect of CBD on the epiderma.

Indeed, CBD, as you can read in our other article on pain management (accessible by clicking here), has been recognized as having a powerful anti-inflammatory action: it therefore relieves the skin when it is irritated or damaged, allowing cells to regenerate, and reducing the degree of inflammation of the epidermis.

CBD & eczema or psoriasis

One of the most recognized topical uses of CBD is its utilization to treat eczema (atopic dermatitis) or psoriasis. There are many studies on the subject, such as this one (click on this link) which was carried out by a team of Italian scientists.

According to their conclusion, topical administration of CBD ointment, without THC, is a safe and effective non-invasive alternative to improve the quality of life of patients with specific skin disorders, especially those with an inflammatory background.

A recent study, also published in a recognized scientific journal, was conducted by the University of Dundee Cancer Centre in the UK. You can discover it by clicking on this link. The researchers investigated the mechanism of the action, according to which topically applied CBD could be useful “for the treatment of various skin diseases, including atopic dermatitis and keratin disorders”.

Using CBD to relieve acne

Finally, many people are now using CBD to relieve or treat acne. Many products are available on the market, but many of them are drying and cause severe damage of the skin. With CBD you can apply a natural solution to your skin problems.

This is mainly due to its anti-inflammatory action but also to its proven results on other types of skin aggression.

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