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STRESS & CBD : a natural solution

CBD (Cannabidiol) is nowadays used by many persons for its effects against stress and anxiety, which affect a large part of the population. Various studies exist on the subject, and show the value of using CBD to successfully reduce anxiety in all its forms. STRESS & CBD: a natural solution

Stress and anxiety

In biology, stress is the set of responses of an organism subjected to pressures or constraints from his environment. These answers always depend on the individual’s perception of the pressures they are experiencing. According to the medical definition, it is a complex sequence of events causing physiological, psychosomatic responses. By extension, all these events are also referred to as stress. Stress is different from anxiety, which is an emotion, while stress is a mechanism of response that can lead to different emotions, including anxiety.

9 out of 10 English people experience stress, and 1 out of 2 English citizen feel particularly stressed. Women are the most affected by stress, with 60% of them reporting stress, compared to 38% of men, according to a survey published at the end of 2017.

CBD to fight stress or anxiety

There are many medications available to help people cope with these symptoms, which are more and more common in our societies. However, many of these drugs have significant side effects, which make life difficult for most of their users.

Over the past years, natural solutions have been brought up to date, and CBD is becoming more widely used to help relieve the anxiety induced by an increasingly stressful and oppressive society.

CBD for Stress and Anxiety: Studies

In this study published by Brazilian scientists, CBD significantly reduced anxiety. Consult it by clicking on this link.

Again, a study allowed patients to use CBD and assess their anxiety level, showing a significant decrease.

CBD significantly reduces anxiety, cognitive dysfunction and speech performance discomfort, while the placebo group had higher anxiety, cognitive dysfunction [and] discomfort.

How to use CBD

CBD can be used in different forms:

  • Sublingual oil: to be placed under your tongue
  • Capsule: to swallow
  • E-liquids: to be used in your electronic cigarette
  • Creams: to be applied directly to the localized area

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