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Terpènes CBD

What are terpenes? How to use them with CBD?

Terpenes are one of the main constituents of hemp, together with cannabinoids (including CBD) and flavonoids. These terpenes are also highly prized and used in alternative medicine and various essential oils: they are the basis of natural products used to relieve and strengthen our body. Associated with CBD, terpenes help to reinforce its action.

What are terpenes?

They are aromatic compounds that are present and constitute plants and vegetables, but which also have a role of protection, defence or maturation of the metabolism.  Terpenes are found in significant quantities in hemp.

Responsible for their fragrance, but also for their flavour, terpenes have many properties and benefits recognized by different peoples around the world. They are the basis of essential oils, which are used to relieve the body in a natural way: essential oil of lavender, etc…

What are the benefits of terpenes?

There are many recognized benefits of the most commonly used terpenes, such as myrcene, limonene and geraniol. In this panel, you can find all their aroma, effects, benefits, and where you can find them in the plant kingdom.


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The terpenes that are most found in hemp

In hemp, certain types of terpenes can be found in large quantities, such as :


It is one of the terpenes most found in the largest number of different plants: mint, birch, even laurel contains linalool. Its smell of lavender reinforced by a spicy note makes it one of the best known terpenes in hemp.

Used by many peoples for its calming and sedative effect, it is one of the most powerful terpenes to relieve stress, depression or nervousness. It is also recognized for its use on epilepsy and cancer pain.


cbd terpenes


It is the terpene most present in hemp, and the best known. Also present in vervain or lemongrass, its smell is evocative of touches of resin, such as cloves.

Its benefits in relieving inflammation, pain, or fighting bacteria are well established. Its sedative and relaxing effects also make it one of the stars of the natural ingredients of essential oils.


myrcene cbd


This terpene is very well known, because it gives food or plants their lime taste, which even turns into an orange scent in its pure form. Highly prized by perfumers, it is considered the best natural mosquito repellent on the market. It is also the second most common terpene in hemp.

Limonene is used in many essential oils and galenic preparations for its antibacterial and antidepressant properties.

There is also alpha-pinene, beta-carophyllene, geraniol, and many other terpenes found in hemp.


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The importance of the presence of terpenes with CBD

Terpenes are very important when using CBD. Indeed, numerous studies have proven that cannabinoids express themselves more strongly, and for a longer period of time, when accompanied by the other components of hemp (cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids). Thus, a product containing full spectrum CBD (which therefore contains terpenes, flavonoids and other cannabinoids) will be more effective than a product using isolated CBD, such as CBD crystal.

In addition, terpenes also offer recognized benefits that can strengthen and increase the action of CBD on your body. It is therefore important to choose full spectrum CBD products, such as all the products available through the WEASY range.


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